Flashback to articles
published in the past

This section of the website is devoted to reviews or essays or interviews published in the past, especially in hard-copy magazines only. They are mainly scans of the original pieces, and for the most part not available on the internet elsewhere.

Original Pure Shit poster
by Bob Daly

Published March 4, 2021 (Originally published 1976)

101 Nights:
Allgauge at Café Bohemio

by Dirk de Buryn

Published May 4, 2020 (Originally published 1996)

Dirk de Bruyn's
Conversations with my Mother

by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill

Published March 4, 2020 (Originally published 1990)

In Search of the Good Stuff:
Pure Shit

by Adrian Danks

Published November 29, 2019 (Originally published 2006)