Contributions from various writers on
"unfunded / unmade films"

compiled by Bill Mousoulis

A section where various filmmakers were asked for their stories around any projects of theirs that were unfunded and/or not completed in the end.

Three questions were posed to them, as prompts, but they were free to write on what they wanted:

  • Have you had a project that was dear to your heart, but found that the funding bodies just didn’t want to fund it, either at script stage or production stage?
  • Why did you love the project so much, and why did the funding bodies not fund it (their officially stated reasons)?
  • How would you have felt if the film was made and released, and how do you think audiences would have responded to it?

Bangalore Love Story
by Tom Cowan

Published March 27, 2018

The Frustrating Ballad of Hotel D’Arc
by David King

Published March 27, 2018

White Widow
by Angelo Salamanca

Published March 27, 2018