Richard Wolstencroft
Takes Back MUFF

by Mike Retter

NOTE BY Mike Retter, publisher of the Podcast "Meat Bone Express":

Richard Wolstencroft is a controversial figure in the Australian film landscape. His association with right-wing politics has made him an outsider in the mainstream, generally leftist, art scene. His recent comments on same sex marriage and the resulting social media controversy forced him to reconsider his position directing his own festival (Melbourne Underground Film festival). But Richard has decided to take back the helm of MUFF and evolve it even further into a radical free speech event.

A few people have had a quiet "off-the-record" word with me about this episode, that they are concerned by the very idea of me interviewing Richard Wolstencroft at all, even before hearing the podcast. But I will say the same thing here as I have in private Richard has done plenty of important things for independent film while others wouldn't. To say I shouldn't interview Richard because he is "right wing" is as ridiculous as saying I shouldn't have interviewed my various left-wing guests for the same reason. I'm less interested in the politics of film and more interested in people actually doing stuff the living active culture of film and the personalities within it.


Mike Retter is a film director, of the indie feature Youth On The March, creator of the zine "Cinema Now", and the Podcast "Meat Bone Express", and part of the Port Film Co-op.

Published June 15, 2018. © Mike Retter, June 2018