Enter the Dream ...

by David King

Preview of the Animation/Experimental/Avant Garde program at the
North Bellarine Film Festival, November 13 - 15, 2020, online.

I, Dreaming

This year, the North Bellarine Film Festival’s Animation + Experimental + Avant Garde film program brings you a specially-curated selection of critically-acclaimed works by an ‘all-star’ collection of international filmmakers joined by some of the top names in Australia.


         Fifteen of the 17 films have also been declared Australian premieres, and two are World Premieres. This means the North Bellarine Film Festival has become Australia’s focal point for experimental and avant garde cinema.


         Norway’s Ismael Sanz-Pena kicks off with his eye-popping animation Persistence of Vision III, followed by this year’s signature film, Martin Del Carpio’s enigmatic I, Dreaming.


Alphonso’s Jaw



         You’ll find tantalising creations such as øjeRum’s Waves Diary by Italy’s Camelia Mirescu, the Greenaway-inspired Anatomy of Waters by Roland Quelven from France, The Angry Sleeper by the United Kingdom’s Stuart Pound, the painterly Field of Infinity by Guli Silberstein, Bearing by Greg Marshall, the mesmerising Dada Time by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (USA), The Medusa Boat by Silvia Toy (USA), the intriguing Alphonso’s Jaw by Scottish duo Avant Kinema, and the meditative I Am Lost to the World by Wheeler Winston Dixon (USA).


Field of Infinity


Also from the USA comes this year’s Blast From The Past - John Sanborn and Dean Winkler’s mind-bending 1986 animation-live action computer graphic hybrid Luminare.


         I also premiere my latest experimental work, The Imaginarium of the Unknown Traveler which has gained a slate of positive reviews from private viewings around the world.


The Imaginarium of the Unknown Traveler


International award-winning Gold Coast video poet Marie Craven returns in collaboration with Eduardo Yag
üe from Spain to present the Escher-like Metamorphosis while from South Australia, Ian Gibbins dazzles our senses with These Days and Victoria’s Jakob Inturrisi gives us new insight to anxiety in his animation-live action hybrid, The Waiting Room.


         To top it off, Ivan Li (Hong Kong) gives us a gob-smacking Grand Finale with his outrageous multi-award winning animation Finding Uranus.




Tickets are just $10. So make sure you Enter the Dream, and log in to the Animation + Experimental + Avant garde program playing from 13 – 15 November at www.northbellarinefilmfestival.org

Program on the NBFF website is here.


Tickets and streaming page is here.



Editor's (Bill Mousoulis) note:
This annual experimental film program is a much-loved part of the Victorian film calendar each year, involving a ferry trip from Melbourne to Portarlington and a convivial atmosphere at the screening. This year, due to Covid-19, the program is online only, but we all hope that next year we can all meet in person again !


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David King is an international award–winning experimental filmmaker and video artist who lives with his partner and daughter on the coast of the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Published November 5, 2020. © David King 2020.