Mark Savage / Purgatory Road
@ MUFF - Meat Bone Express

by Mike Retter

NOTE BY Mike Retter, publisher of the Podcast "Meat Bone Express":

Australian film director Mark Savage talks about his new American feature film Purgatory Road. Film style, production methods, talking shop on FILM BUSINESS and how to get your vision made. Plus a pretty cool chat on primary-colour theories and Oz film critiques. An extra long podcast episode because it's chock-a-block with insight.

Purgatory Road features as Opening Night film at this year's Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF) on Friday, October 26th at 8:30pm. Don't miss this new work from one of Australia's premier genre directors Mark Savage.

For more details and tickets for this particularly wild and contemporary MUFF 2018, visit the website


Mike Retter is a film director, of the indie feature Youth On The March, creator of the zine "Cinema Now", and the Podcast "Meat Bone Express", and part of the Port Film Co-op.

Published October 25, 2018. © Mike Retter, October 2018