Meat Bone Express

by Mike Retter

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Dick Dale is well known in punk and underground-genre circles as both a frontman and creator of Trasharama Film Festival.

His new film production is called Ribspreader and it utilises all kinds of practical gore effects, indebted to the great genre films of the 1980s such as The Thing and the early work of Peter Jackson. The horror is balanced by a wicked gross-out sense of humour.

This new production has generated interest, including a Screen Australia-funded documentary being made about Dale and his low-budget hijinks .. In fact the making-of has a bigger budget than the feature film it is documenting ...

Find out all and more in this podcast episode, including sneak peaks at the film and dissections of previous work.

Mike Retter, publisher of the Podcast "Meat Bone Express"

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Mike Retter is a film director, of the indie feature Youth On The March, creator of the zine "Cinema Now", and the Podcast "Meat Bone Express", and part of the Port Film Co-op.

Published June 24, 2019. © Mike Retter, June 2019