Clair de Lune - Shooting the film - Meat Bone Express

by Mike Retter





Tim Hawkins

Clair de Lune is a supernatural horror film about a young winemaker taking over from her father, during a time of industrial sabotage and harsh winter.


A low-budget feature, shot vertically on real winery locations. Channeling real esoteric spiritualism of the Adelaide hills.


Clair de Lune stars Hebe Sayce, Aaron Broomhall, Robbie Greenwell, Tim Hawkins, Carmela Greco, and Peter Goers.


Rob Lawry speaks to director Mike Retter about shooting the film on Radio Adelaide's Onscreen Offscreen program.  


Mike Retter, publisher of the Podcast "Meat Bone Express"

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Published February 6, 2019. © Mike Retter, February 2019.