Armond White -
World's Most Controversial film critic
on Meat Bone Express

by Mike Retter



"Sundance is like Soviet Realism, but without the art.
It's all politics, no aesthetic.
– Armond White



Armond White started as a writer for the black-owned City Sun newspaper with the motto "Speaking Truth To Power". This would be the critic's formation and intellectual strarting point, that would begin a career of dialectics and shining light on the less obvious truths in art. 



Best known in recent years for being kicked out of the New York Film Critics Society for allegedly heckling British director Steve McQueen and public outrage when he busts consensus on Rotten Tomatoes Armond White is a one-of-a-kind renegade in film criticism.

An acolyte of Pauline Kael, Armond White talks about life as a film critic for both gay and conservative publications. On one hand he has become one of the premier voices in queer world cinema, whilst being a critic of the liberal-minded, virtue-signalling and hypocrisy of Hollywood.   

Is he self-conscious contrarian or an all-rounder with a unique perspective? Well among Australian cinephile circles, he is more than just a guilty pleasure. Plenty of filmmakers and university professors will site various pieces of his as among the best on their subjects. Shreds torn off Tarantino's Hateful Eight delighted one university lecturer friend, who otherwise might think White was just a troublemaker. White's writing starts a conversation, it keeps cinema moving.   

Armond White spoke from his New York apartment to Meat Bone Express podcast about Pauline Kael, political correctness, race and "knowing thy self". He is the film critic for The National Review & OUT Magazine, and author of the book New Position: The Prince Chronicles.

Mike Retter, publisher of the Podcast "Meat Bone Express"

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Published December 6, 2018. © Mike Retter, December 2018